2020 Year in Review: Hot-to-the-Touch Blogs of the Year


Another year’s behind us, folks, and hopefully, you’ve found some time to reflect on your journey through a tumultuous 365. In the course of doing a little reflection ourselves, the Beijinger has looked back at the foreign friends who said goodbye, a sampling of the surprisingly vast array of restaurants that opened. We remembered the headlines that surprised us, the books that comforted us, the films that largely disappointed us, and albums to which we vibed.

Now that the year is officially wrapped up, it’s finally time to take a look at the hottest, most viral Beijinger blogs of 2020 – with one caveat. It may come as no shock that our most-viewed blogs this past year were the ones that helped guide Beijingers through the coronavirus crisis. Rather than reliving it all before it’s totally over and done, let’s skip over all of that for now, saving it for another (hopefully soon-to-come) date. We, therefore, present to you: the Beijinger’s most viral non-virus-related blogs of 2020!

HSK overhauled

There was a time, not too long ago, when all you striving scholars of the Mandarin language had but one great mountain to climb – passing HSK level 6. That was until May of this year when the classification system for China’s standard Mandarin as a second language exam got a major remix. Now, the test has adopted a “three stages, nine levels” system that allows students to reach “high-level” proficiency while still having more mountain to climb. Does anybody know how to say Sisyphus in Mandarin?

Beijing partiers bid farewell to Vic’s Club

As the iconic Workers’ Stadium began the process of being demolished for renovations, it was just a matter of time before the surrounding clubs said goodnight for good. Vic’s was far from the only venue lost to the rubble, but it’s role as the longest-standing club in the city meant that its closure hit hard in the hearts of late-nighters.

Beijing Learns to "Think Outside the Bun"

After years of anticipation, America’s favorite “Mexican” restaurant landed in the Chinese capital. Unfortunately, due to its opening hours, it hasn’t become a regular stop to fill the bellies of partiers after raising a late-night glass in honor of Vic’s. On the other hand, it serves Margaritas, so it does have that over its counterparts across the sea.