Yes, some Americans really did leave the country because of Trump. Here are 12 of their stories, and why most aren't raring to come back now that Biden's won.


Weeks before the 2016 election, Michelle Dallocchio was driving home when she had a frightening encounter with an apparent Donald Trump supporter.

A few blocks from her Las Vegas home, the 39-year-old Iraq War veteran with Pacific Islander ancestry came across an SUV stalled in the middle of the road, so she drove around the vehicle.

She said the driver proceeded to pull up beside her, roll down his window, call her a stupid b----, and tell her to go back to her own country. She is American.

While the man wasn't wearing any Trump-branded clothing, and didn't have Trump paraphernalia on his car, Dallocchio said he mentioned "the wall" at one point during his tirade.

After the encounter, Dallocchio said she had a talk with her husband, who is Italian, about moving abroad, telling him: "This is not the future I want."

"I already gave up so much for this country. I want to leave," she told Insider in a recent interview.

After the conversation, Dallocchio and her husband moved to Los Angeles for a job they hoped would lead to more international offers. In 2019, after about a year in LA, her husband secured a job in London, where the couple moved in March 2020.

Dallocchio is one of a dozen people Insider recently interviewed who said they left the US because of Trump.

The Americans, who ranged in age from 26 to 61, cited a number of reasons for their moves — from a belief that Trump had emboldened white supremacists, to fears for LGBTQ rights, to access to healthcare.