These Students Are Taking Over The Toronto Eaton Centre With Art & Here's How They Did It


If Yonge Street is looking fresher these days, don't be surprised. A new outdoor art gallery is hanging above the Toronto Eaton Centre, and it was created by three students.

The careers of OCAD University student Daria Joyce, 20, and alum Jason Zante, 22, have taken flight this year after scoring massive billboards in the Eaton Centre's new art corridor exhibit.

The exhibit, called Imagine Together, released in early July, will run for 18 months, showcasing the artwork of three OCAD students representing "how art can bring people together and build community," according to OCAD University.

Seeing their billboards for the first time

"I was just honestly in awe. I feel like I still haven't taken it in. It still feels very unbelievable, to be honest, to just see your artwork up and then also to see it at that scale." Zante told Narcity.

"It's very surreal because when you're working, Daria, and I work on an iPad's, so it's very small and scale and then when you see it up in person and it's super large, it's kind of like crazy to see it in that format because I've never seen my artwork in that scale."

"Yeah, it really just kind of takes your breath away that first time and it's like, [I'm] just so grateful for the opportunity and being able to kind of share that, share your ideas and your feelings towards community and the Eaton Centre and Toronto with the whole city," said Joyce.