Apartment building in Toronto, Canada, comes with an indoor rock-climbing gym


Buyers will be climbing up the walls to live in this apartment block.

The loft building in Toronto, Canada, is home to the nation’s first indoor rock-climbing gym, established in 1990, The Spaces reports.

The entire building, which has six live-work apartments, all leased, is up for sale.

It’s ideal for long stretches of working from home, and residents don’t have to go far to exercise. Although the anchor-tenant gym is temporarily closed for the COVID-19 pandemic, it hopes to open once it is safe to do so, likely as soon as next month.

The building dates to the turn of the 20th century and is not heritage listed, but was one of the first structures in the neighbourhood to feature a steel truss roof, an advanced design for its time.

The brick period facade with its high clerestory windows offers little hint of the bright, contemporary interiors in the units, with skylights, hardwood floors and a spacious, open-plan set-up