INSTABOOZE! Toronto's Top Alcohol Delivery Is Here and Here to stay!


TORONTO (PRWEB)June 20, 2021

Instabooze is excited to continue offering 24-hour dial a bottle services in Toronto and neighbouring environs like Durham, Brampton, Newmarket, Oakville, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, North York, and Burlington. The upcoming alcohol delivery service provider delivers beer, wines, liquor, and spirits throughout the day and after-hours.

Now, anyone in need of buying alcohol can take advantage of the 24-hour professional and personal delivery service. Instabooze is now delivering to private residences, hotels, motels, and more. Businesses and individuals can visit Instabooze’s website ( or call: (416)-988-3623 to order alcohol day and night, seven days a week.

According to Instabooze, some people can’t tell when they are going to partake a bottle of their best wine, whisky, cognac, beer, name it! Not everyone works a traditional 9am to 5pm job today. While others are working at night, others start working in the morning or midday. With traditional free times changing, Instabooze is there to deliver alcohol anytime!

Instabooze’s focus is on offering the most reliable dial-a-bottle alcohol delivery service in Toronto. The company’s goal is ensuring its clients get a bottle of alcohol delivered in less than 1 hour ofter ordering. While Instabooze cares about the wellbeing of its clients, their core business isn’t determining why you need alcohol delivered after hours but getting the alcohol to you!

The on-demand 24-hour delivery eliminates the dangers and inconveniences of shopping for alcohol while intoxicated. Instead of stopping a party, engaging in risky behaviour like drunk driving, services like Instabooze do everything for you fast and simple.

The service is also an avenue for Instabooze partners such as alcohol sellers, retailers, and restaurants to make the best use of their inventory and boost their revenues. Alcohol sellers restricted by time can rely on Instabooze to move their inventory after hours and create new revenue streams.

Alcohol delivery in Toronto with Instabooze

The dial a bottle service with Instabooze is simple. Customers can call the after-hour alcohol delivery number: (416)-988-3623 to order any alcohol category (from Whisky, Rum, and Vodka to Wine, Cognac, Tequila, Gin, or Beer).

Once an order is placed, Instabooze delivers within an hour. The delivery service tracks every order from dispatch to when it is delivered to a customer. In most cases, delivery is within minutes. Instabooze accepts cash, credit cards, debit cards, and e-transfers. The company also has strict controls that guarantee age verification before delivering alcohol anywhere.