Toronto Brand Launches An AI-Designed Collection


So you’ve already heard of artificial intelligence aka AI and if you thought that on its own it was super cool, just wait until you buy clothes that are AI designed! Toronto-based urbancoolab has just launched and designed a collection that’s entirely by artificial intelligence. The collection, called The RxR ”Children of the Machine” was unveiled at Fashion Art Toronto and yes, it is as cool as it sounds.

The Inspiration

The experimental collaboration was inspired by the unique aesthetics of Belgian designer Raf Simons and American designer Rick Owens so you know it’s going to be major.

Urbancoolab founder Idris Mootee explains in a release, “The resulting designs are aptly described as retro-futurism with this blending the styles of two of the most influential designers of our time that may never happen in real life. Our aim is not to propose that artificial intelligence can replace human creativity – though that is certainly an intriguing question – rather to build the foundation for how we as humans can effectively collaborate with artificial intelligence to create art.”

The Design

The brand uses the revolutionary design program STiTCH which is the first commercialized streetwear AI design platform that Idris created with AI engineer Javier Mootee. Idris adds, “It can be used for conceptual purposes, technical creativity, efficiency of
creative production, artistic inspiration and critical approach to the conventions of the industry.” If you’re wondering why the brand uses AI technology? Idris explains, “We use artificial intelligence to collaborate with humans to create “social art” that amplifies human stories.”