Toronto home business makes perfect ice cream sandwiches from scratch


Ernie's Icebox, a Toronto-based ice cream company, is making some serious drool-worthy ice cream sandwiches.

These delicious treats are made from scratch with no added 'weird fake stuff', as written in their Instagram bio. With summer right around the corner, this is the perfect personalized ice cream treat you can enjoy outdoors.

Julia Haist, the owner and creamologist behind Ernie's, started the business in her home earlier this year as a result of COVID. With a lot of work vanishing, Haist turned to creating incredible home-made ice cream sandwiches with unique flavours.

Available now are flavours like a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, made using a peanut butter cookie and vanilla brioche ice cream with a ripple of homemade raspberry jam streaming throughout. Other flavours include black forest cake, cherry cheesecake and earl grey and honey.

Additionally, Haist has partnered up with popular pie-slingers Saints Island Pies to bring an exclusive 'Ube Coconut Cheese' ice cream sandwich, which is available to order through the Saints ordering platforms.

For all other flavours, you can grab one of these nicely packaged ice cream sandwiches at Tulip Variety or order directly through their Instagram.