Philosophy professor vows not to be silenced after 600 academics said she should be barred from her OBE due to 'transphobia' - and says critics want to stop her talking about Stonewall's grip on 'every major institution in the UK'


A prominent philosophy professor has vowed not to be silenced after a group of academics criticised the decision to award her an OBE because she advocates that women should not be made to share toilets and changing rooms with transgender women. 

Dr Kathleen Stock, 49, a professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex, has been outspoken on gender identity issues and claims many UK universities are becoming 'trans activist institutions' where free academic debate is censored and suppressed. 

In an open letter titled 'Open Letter Concerning Transphobia in Philosophy', 600 of her peers from institutions including the LSE and MIT criticised the decision to recognise her services to higher education, calling it a show of support for what they describe as 'harmful rhetoric' and 'transphobic views'. 

She responded in a lengthy Twitter thread, saying that critics want to 'shut her up' on issues such as single sex spaces, healthcare scandal around trans-identified children and male sex offenders being placed in women's prisons. 

Professor Stock has also publicly criticised LGBTQ charity Stonewall's influence on academic institutions, saying it means dissenting views from academics who think differently are not allowed. 

She added her Twitter reply that the group 'who've politically captured every major institution in the UK, including Unis - is currently running a campaign to support males who self-identify as women playing rugby thereby exposing fellow female players to potential neck-breaking and death.